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Your time is valuable and selling a home not only takes time, but it also takes research, knowledge of your market area and negotiating skills.  Houston Luxe Properties Groups takes the time, does the research, has knowledge of your market area, neighborhood trends and the negotiating skills needed to sell your home.

An agent will help set the right price for your home and your agent works for you, keeping your best interest in the forefront. Agents have access to the most up-to-date information about recent sales within your market and knowledge of competing listings in your neighborhood. “The market is shifting every day. It’s the agent’s job to keep abreast of those changes,” says Ryan Fitzpatrick, director of sales for New York real estate agency CORE.

Houston Luxe Properties will aggressively market your home and will handle as much as possible so that you don’t have to! We will connect you with a staging professional or recommend staging techniques customized to your home, to make your home look great, we will maximize your listing with professional-quality photos, show your home to potential buyers and create continued excitement within the market about your home when listed. Most importantly we will vet potential buyers so you can deal only with serious prospects.

Once a buyer is found, we will negotiate offers and counter offers, track the paperwork and generally hand-hold you through the entire process. Houston Luxe Properties goal is always to have your best interest at heart, and to take as much stress away from you as possible.

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