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Selling in Houston, especially in and around the Richmond and Fort Bend area, can be challenging, but we embrace it! We live in one of the most in-demand and complicated real estate markets in the country. But with careful planning and consistent follow through, Houston Luxe Properties help our clients navigate the market complexities, which enables our client to achieve the best price for their property.

Houston Luxe Properties not only brings extremely talented real estate agents, but we also bring twenty plus years of experience in loan origination and mortgage underwriting PLUS a very strong digital and interactive marketing team!

Our team is ready to guide you through the home-selling process and answer your questions. If you are ready to talk to one of our agents, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. If you’d like to learn more about Houston Luxe Properties, feel free to review the information below and learn more about our innovative approach to Houston real estate.

Seller’s Guide

Your Timeline Guide
Congratulations on starting the process of selling your home! This timeline will guide you through the steps required. Paul will be providing insights on each step. You don’t need to follow it exactly, but, we do recommend you consider each step especially if you are a first time selling.

Showing Your Home
Once we’ve prepped your house for sale and set a price, we’re ready for the public to see your property.

Review Offers
When you receive one or more offers on your property, I can rank them based on your priorities and help you analyze, clarify, and compare your offers.

Most buyers request a home inspection as a condition of their offer. Here’s what is and isn’t covered in a home inspection and how we can best prepare.

You’re nearly there! The next step is getting an appraisal. Let me explain why you need one and how a home appraisal impacts the sale of your home.

You’re one step closer to selling! There’s quite a lot to consider when closing on the sale of your house. Let me walk you through what you can expect.

What is Your Home Worth?

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